The CHAMBON wins « Best Refurbished Building » at the MIPIM Awards 2017, confirming Immobel’s expertise in special urban renovation

The CHAMBON wins « Best Refurbished Building » at the MIPIM Awards 2017, confirming Immobel’s expertise in special urban renovation

The historic Chambon complex won the award for Best Refurbished Building at the MIPIM Awards 2017 in Cannes on 16 March. The former headquarters of the Caisse Générale d’Epargne et de Retraite (CGER), located right in the centre of Brussels (500 metres from the Grand‐Place), has been fully renovated to respond to the growing demand for high‐quality accommodation in the heart of the capital of Europe.

The Chambon building complex, named after the Franco‐Belgian architect who designed the site’s famous art deco U‐shaped building, is a collection of multiple buildings, some of which are architectural wonders while others are newly built. The complex has been seamlessly renovated, with a view to sustainability and versatility. While 60% of the Chambon consists of accommodation, studios, luxury apartments, investment properties and student rooms, it also contains office areas, shops and two hotels.

The developer Immobel and the architects A2RC and Jaspers‐Eyers have given this emblematic complex – the former headquarters of the CGER dates from 1889 – a new lease on life, creating a complex that is a great place to live and work, which also features a large green space that can be accessed by occupants and local residents.

"Receiving a MIPIM AWARD in “Best refurbished building” is being unanimously recognized for the know-how and expertise we have in redeveloping emblematic and complex buildings.” - told Rudi op ‘t Roodt, Technical Director Immobel, and added: „Chambon has been a challenging warf but meets the city and the inhabitants expectations. On Cedet, we are working with the same rigour: exporting our know-how and implementing our best practice to deliver the very best building”.

CEDET is a unique project of restoration and expansion of a historic building located at 50 Krucza Street – a modernistic pearl of Polish post-war architecture. Like Chambon, the CEDET building that combines retail functions and highest class of office space will consist of two parts: a carefully revitalized department store and a completely new building located at intersection of Bracka and Krucza streets.


Because the reward that Chambon has received is another proof of our competence in revitalization, it is worth mentioning the earlier successes of our Polish projects. Okrąglak in Poznań, Being a symbol of the city, received the statue of Jan Baptiste Quadro, the most important architectural award of this region. Hence our belief that CEDET will be another Immobel project, which will allow us to win the main prize in the "Best Refurbished Building" category at next year's MIPIM Awards” - told Bartłomiej Hofman, Managing Director Immobel Poland.

Immobel projects in Poland include well known adaptations and revitalizations of architecturally unique buildings such as Granaria project, located on the the northern headland of Granaries Island, which the developer leads in public - private partnership with the city of Gdańsk.