The Commitments of Immobel Poland

Cooperation, certification and optimisation are at the very heart of the strategy of Immobel Poland. The group is committed in concrete terms and on a daily basis to promoting its sustainable vision of society.

Sustainable and ecologically-responsible development

Conscious of the role it plays in making use of the ground and in the evolution of planning concepts, Immobel Poland places sustainable development at the very heart of its priorities. Its commitment is translated into concrete realizations in terms of impact on the environment and on society, which fit into a voluntary policy oriented towards the future.

Certification, a guarantee of performance

Certification represents a tool for achieving the energy transition, and ensures respect for, and even anticipation of, the most demanding of environmental regulations. Rationalising the operation of a building, along with the health and safety of its occupants, the integration of and respect for bio-diversity, these are just some of the criteria which position a certified project as high performing and attractive.

Cooperation as a guarantee of integrated quality

Immobel Poland pays great attention to promoting an ‘integrated’ and cooperative approach – from downstream to upstream – to each of its projects designed to be at the service of the sustainable city. This approach, always listening to the needs of the planners and to trends in society, enables it to supply a powerful response to issues of ethical responsibility and the organisation of the space we live in.